The new HP iPAQ voice messenger is a slim phone with Windows mobile 6
Also comes with Skype, Wi-Fi, EDGE, and extended battery life.
It is a quadband world phone so you can use it overseas.
The integration of Windows Live for Mobile brings not only your Hotmail and Windows Live e-mail accounts to the device.
The HP iPaq 510 Voice Messenger has integrated Wi-Fi (802.11b/g) as well as Bluetooth 1.2 for connecting to wireless headsets, car kits, and other peripherals. The HP iPaq 510 has a 1.3-mega pixel camera with video-recording capabilities and a 6x digital zoom having options like brightness and white balance settings, five resolutions, and three shooting modes for still images
The iPaq 510 has 128MB flash ROM and 64MB SDRAM with about 65MB available for storage and 44MB for program memory.



Markk said...

The HP iPAQ looks great. Will check it out soon.

Amit Shekhar said...

Good job man.I like the info.Please post on a sub 30k pc for home.

ATUL said...

Nice stuff specially i like 6x digital zoom with such a handy gadget .

Anonymous said...

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